Saturday, February 10, 2007

Necklace Holder

This is one of the necklace holders I am making for craft shows that I hope to attend this year. I am trying to keep my cost down in the beginning so I can buy beads and wire to make my jewelry. I decided to try to make the necklace holders myself. I took cardboard and cut out a template and I just trace the template and cut out these holders, paint them black with acrylic paint and now I am in the process of making a backing so they stand up. They really look good with the necklaces on them. I have two sizes 12 inches high for longer necklaces and 10 inches for shorter necklaces - but you could make them any height.

Here is one with a necklace - I photoed this one with a flash so it looks grey rather than black - in the image above I scanned the holder and that is the real black acrylic color.


Anonymous said...

This is cool. I'm always looking for new ideas with lower costs. Good luck at your show!

Raven said...

Thanks for sharing these they are awesome. I may try to make a few myself.