Saturday, April 07, 2007

"Sand & Sable" - Bangle

I am trying to learn some bead weaving techniques. This bracelet is made using tubular peyote stitch with size 6 seed beads - brown, cream and topaz. The stitch creates a spiral tube. I have been making spiral rope bracelets and finishing them with button closures so I wanted to try something different with this and since the stitch creates a tube I thought I might combine wire work with it. I put 14 gauge brass wire in the beaded tube and created a bangle. I am quite pleased with this bracelet. I like the combination of the seed beads and the wire. This bracelet is small and would fit a size 6 inch wrist.

The tubular peyote by itself is very flexible but using the wire inside makes it a bangle - not flexible anymore like my spiral rope bracelets. I do think it works and makes an attractive, fun bracelet.

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