Friday, May 04, 2007

"Eden" - Bracelet

This is a bead crochet bangle called "Eden". I took a class in bead crochet awhile ago and this is my second attempt. I have since bought a good beginners book on bead crochet and I am on my way. This technique is a bit more difficult then other bead weaving or stringing but I love the final look and feel of the rope created by the beads and thread. These type of bracelets roll on and off over the hand. This one fits me - 6 1/4 inch wrist. It is made of size 6 seed beads in dark matte green, metallic lighter green and gold. I am really happy with this one! I don't know why I am working in green lately - I am not too fond of green - maybe it is because it is spring? This bracelet is for sale at my Etsy Store here.

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