Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Peyote Stitch Bracelet

This is a peyote stitch bracelet I did last week at my PA house. This bracelet is from a pattern by Beverly Herman from No Easy Beads. It is made with seed beads size 11 gold, size 8 iridescent purple and size 6 gold. It has a hand stitched toggle and closure made up of size 11 gold seed beads. This was my first try at something like this and I am happy with the results.


No Easy Beads said...

Jean, Great work on the bracelet. I like your color combination. I enjoyed looking at all your beadwork with my cup of coffee this morning.

Anonymous said...

I really like this bracelet. The colors are awesome. I am just now learning the peyote stitch. I'm left handed, so sometimes it takes me a little longer to pick up the technique. However, I am ready now to make my very first peyote bracelet, and thanks for your inspiration with your beautiful piece.