Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Heart Freeform Bracelet - Part I

This is for the December/January EBW challenge red – maybe. I used size 6 and 8 seed beads and wanted to do a freeform bracelet. I have a bunch of decorative heart buttons and wanted to use one as the focal. I wanted it to be secure on the bracelet - not flopping around. I tried using Lacys and ultra suede and it didn’t stick to the shinny surface on the back of the button. I couldn’t just bead around the button because of it being a heart and irregular shaped. I did not cut off the shaft so I put two cube beads on each side of the shaft and did square stitch with them and the shaft to secure them and use as a base. I started peyote in the middle of the heart and worked out towards one end. I did peyote behind the heart going through the shaft and then the cube beads. I then went back and started from the middle and worked towards the other end. I am liking this so far!

1 heart bracelet base before I start to add embellishments.
2 a close up of the heart button.
3 the back with the peyote and cube beads.

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