Sunday, September 14, 2008

OCAG Craft Show

I did a craft show yesterday and I was just hoping to get back the fee for my space and maybe make a little extra but considering the economy and the small amount of people that showed up I did very good.

I think it is a good idea to get out there and do a show or two just to observe people looking at your jewelry. Since I usually sell on Etsy I don't get to interact with customers. It is so interesting to see what people gravitate to - even people that don't buy but just look or try on things. What colors, what design, bracelets or necklaces. I learned so much today - even with the pieces that sold.

The pieces that you love or think are the better ones are seldom what people even look at - and it has nothing to do with the price. I think color is a big draw. I like large scale jewelry but a lot of the bracelets I sold today were older linked pieces that I made 2 years ago - not bead woven. I also sold 3 freeform peyote bracelets in fall colors. People were intrigued by beadweaving and bead embroidery - there were a lot of jewelry vendors at the sale but none with beadweaving - people all remarked how different my jewelry was.

I tend to make bracelets in a size that fits me - I have a 6 1/4 inch wrist - three older women came along and could not fit one bracelet I had around their wrists. They loved my work but said I need to make some bigger bracelets. I think this is an important fact - they said 7 or 7 1/2 inch or even bigger - that size would fall right off me but for them would have been perfect. On the other hand, I had a woman come along and was thrilled because all my bracelets fit her just right - she bought 3 - I told her she must have the same wrist size as I do. She was so happy because like me when she wants to buy a bracelet it is always too big for her.

Today was a real eye opener for me - I have done craft shows before but they were very busy and I didn't have the time to sit and observe. Sooooo - I need to make bigger bracelets, make more free form bracelets and do more craft shows - sounds like a plan!


Melody said...

Wow, it sounds like you learned a LOT at the show. Thank you very much for sharing, it's certainly information that I will take to heart. I make bracelets to fit me, too. And clearly there's a market for larger sizes!

Chryssi said...

Congratulations on doing well at the show and getting to see how people are looking at your jewelry. I signed up for a Google Reader. Now I have easy access to all the blogs I read in one place and I can keep up with the new jewelry you are making. YAY!

Marlaine said...

Congrats on a successful show! I know what you are talking about with sizes. I have a 6 1/4" wrist too and tend to make bracelets my size. I've had to make a real effort to make them bigger!

Kerrie Slade said...

Oooh new look blog Jean?

Congrats on the success of the show. I don't make too many bracelets now because I had the same issues as you when I used to do shows. I also make a lot of chokers and they can be difficult to size too, so I tend just to have one to show and make them as custom orders as people's sizes vary so much.


Regal Beads said...

you deff made me want to try a show sometime

Adam said...

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