Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beading Wastland

I seem to be in a beading slump - just don't know why. I have ideas of things I would like to make but nothing that excites me. I sit and look at the beads, write down ideas and look some more, start something and end up ripping it out. I just feel so uninspired right now.

My first thought was to make something simple like a peyote bracelet just to get my hands moving - but that doesn't seem to be working for me. I may look into trying something new like RAW - I have never made anything with RAW - so that could be a go. I thought maybe I would go to the bead store yesterday but it was raining and I just didn't feel like getting into the car and going. I hate to feel this way - I don't even feel like painting either!! I know this will pass - but I just don't know when. I have tried looking at my beading books to get inspired - I am only getting confused. I really am in a beading wasteland - I even cleaned my beading room - twice! Maybe some freeform??

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Melody Marie Murray said...

It's such a discouraging feeling- one I know. For me, what often works is to just pour piles of beads out on my mat. Pretty soon I'm moving them around, looking at the juxtapositions... and beading. :-)
Good luck.