Friday, October 24, 2008

Sundew - Freeform Bracelet

This is a new freeform bracelet. What is different about this one is I usually do my freeform in peyote and this one is in brick stitch. I love the bright colors in this bracelet and it worked up really fast but I think I prefer doing the freeform in peyote stitch. Actually by looking it is hard to tell the difference.


Melody Marie Murray said...

I love how bright and cheerful it is!

Denise said...

Wow, it is hard to tell the difference isn't it? How was the increase and decrease? Easier, harder?
Have you tried it with square stitch? I find that it is easier to decrease with square stitch but definitely hard to increase.
Now what about a herribone free form? That could get interesting!
Cheers, Denise