Monday, January 12, 2009

X and O - Peyote Cuff

A new cuff bracelet called "X and O". The band is made with size 8 seed beads in mulberry and size 8 white beads as the pattern. The stitch is peyote with white size 11 seed beads used for the looped trim. The closure is a hand made loop and toggle. The band is a little over 1 inch wide. This bracelet will fit a size 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 inch wrist.

So I have the program Bead Creator Pro for about 7 months (got it when they gave away version 3 for free) and decided to start playing with it a bit. I am learning how it works and so far have created my heart designs, this X and O design and a shamrock that I plan on making into a bracelet. Simple stuff so far but I have to start somewhere right!


BeadsForever said...

Love the bracelet. The program sounds interesting. Have to check it out. Thanks!

cherylannd said...

great bracelet, you're a valentine beading machine! i had an early version of bead creator and couldn't make it work for the life of me - and i'm pretty technical. glad to hear they've got it in a usable form now!

Kokopelli said...

Jean, I love your beadwork! Saw some of your pieces on Pearl's blog and they're great. I always watch out for the featured artists posts on the Beadinggem's Journal (I'm one myself and was so excited about it! If you like, have a look for the post on Christmas Day.), because I find it really inspiring to see what other artists do.
Happy beading!