Saturday, April 04, 2009

Deep Blue Sea - Freeform Peyote Necklace

I have finished my freeform necklace and I am going to call it "Deep Blue Sea". This necklace is made with many seed beads size 11, 8, 6 - in shades of blue, turquoise, and aqua. It also has a few larger beads added as embellishments. The length is 16 1/2 inches plus the closure- it fits close to the neck. I enjoyed making this necklace in freeform peyote although I did get stuck a few times. I am so used to working with a plan so this type of work can be frustrating for me. I want to do a few more of these now that I am in the "freeform groove".

This necklace took me quite a long time to finish - partly because I was stuck on how to finish and partly because of the amount of work to weave the beads one-by-one. So now I need to start a new project and I am at that in-between stage that I hate. I was thinking maybe I will start 3 things and then when one is finished I do not have the "what will I make next" feeling - something will already be started. Just a thought but maybe worth trying.


Melody Marie Murray said...

It's gorgeous. Wow, I love it!

:-) MaryLou said...

I think it was worth the wait. It's beautiful!

I don't like having more than one project going at a time (although I have way too many projects that are just not quite finished, most of them are just missing the closure). But I do tend to choose the beads for the next project while I'm working on the current one. It's kind of nice to pull the beads out and have them nearby so I can see them; and while they're sitting there I can noodle about what they'll become.


Triz Designs said...

really beautiful!!!! I'm usually not a huge fan of freeform, cos i find it too unbalanced, but this piece I LOVE!!!!

Lost Aussie said...

This is gorgeous Jean!