Thursday, April 16, 2009

Earth Prayer - Beaded Bracelet

So here’s the thing - I really enjoyed making the other strung beaded bracelet "A Day in the Canyon". What I didn't like was working with crimps - one of the reasons I moved on from stringing. I can never seem to get a crimp I like or that I feel is secure.

I worked on this bracelet last night and was unhappy with the crimps and the closure. So today I thought how can I make a strung bracelet but use my fireline and a hand make loop closure?? I took the bracelet from last night and cut it up - I really liked the bead layout, the texture and color - I re-strung it using double fireline and made a closure with a nice wooden button I had on hand and a loop using size 8 seed beads. I went back in and reinforced the stringing a couple of times and securely fastened the closure.

I love it - no crimps and a good looking and easy to use closure. I will be making more of these beaded bracelets now that I figured out how to finish to my satisfaction.


Betty BeadBug said...

That's a great idea. Plus, I really love the button, it adds something more to it.

Jean Hutter said...

Yes the button really goes well with this bracelet and it was much better for me than crimping.

Silver Surfer said...

I found your work last night while surfing the net.. you bead lovely things.. the colors are outstanding..
I am going to use you as someone to follow ..

Cassandra said...

This looks amazing. Thank you very much for posting this.