Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lavender Swirl - Spiral Bracelet

I am doing a few craft shows this spring in PA so I am making a lot of bracelets, earrings and lower priced items. This is a spiral twist bracelet in shades of lavender, blue and hot pink. The problem is I always seem to make jewelry that fits me - my wrist is 6 1/4 so I do not have many larger bracelets. I made this one 7 1/2 inches - to me this is big but I really don't know if this is large or not??

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Anonymous said...

I just bought one of your bracelets (on Etsy) so I'll comment. I think the timing is perfect for selling some simple, but unique items like this - priced right, summery, perfect with a simple top and capris. As to the size - well there is nothing more discouraging than wanting to buy bracelets and none of them fit! argh! I am not heavy, but i am not a tiny woman - and I have large bones. I wouldn't even be able to close the one that fits you. Also, I'd have to say that many of us with a bit of disposable income to buy these items are not at the slimmest time of our lives -- so having a bit of variety in sizes (and clearly stating if you can increase the size of an item) is a REALLY nice thing! Btw - I love the one I bought from you! Thank you for being able to increase the size a bit so I can wear a cute trendy bracelet too! :)