Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Going Green

Well all this talk about going green has made me want to bead something with green beads. For some reason green is not my favorite color - I like it on a tree but not on me.

I went looking through my bead stash and decided to try and use up some of those left over beads so I picked out some different sizes in green, turquoise and yellow and just started to bead. I decided I would make a freeform cuff. I haven made much freeform jewelry lately so it was fun to get back to just beading with no plan.

My problem with freeform is that it usually looks lousy in the beginning - you have to work a pretty good amount before it starts taking shape and I tend to get discouraged and rip it out. So I plodded along hating it and all of a sudden it started looking better - now that it is finished I like it a lot - glad I didn't rip it out!

This cuff is called The Green Party and is 1 ¾ wide and 6 ½ inch long – it also has a handmade loop and toggle closure.


Mortira said...

I love the playful combination of colors! It goes really well with the free form design. I'm glad you didn't do any ripping either!

Kokopelli said...

Yes, glad you didn't rip it out! The color combo reminds me of my parrot, a Fisher's Lovebird. But it would be too big for him. ;-)