Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jett - Beaded Fringed Bracelet

Well I am here in PA an it seems like I am getting nothing done. I will admit I slack off in the summer months but not to do any beading is very rare for me. I think the major problem is I do not have a "beading area" set up here - this makes it hard as everything is spread out all over the house. Getting started on a project and gathering the beads is a major undertaking. I also seem unspired but I think this problem is connected to not having a proper place to store my supplies and bead.

I thought I would start small and bead a bracelet - I finished this fringed bracelet last night. It is a good start and I am hoping I am on my way to getting back into the beading groove!


BeadsForever said...

Yah, Jean. This bracelet is a great start on getting back in the beading groove. Keep on beadin'!

Silver Surfer said...

very nice indeed.. I went through a very slow time myself but thankfully I am into the beads again

Mortira said...

Beautiful as usual! I've passed on a Premio Meme award to you.