Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fear of Beading

Is there such a thing as fear of beading or just a reluctance to get started again?? Is this reluctance due to lack of inspiration or just being lazy??

This is the position I find myself in now that I am back in NJ. I haven't done any serious beading in a long time - almost 3 months. I am finding it hard to jump back in - I say I want to - but am not putting the beads where my mouth is.

These are the things I have tried so far:
  • cleaning and reorganizing my bead room - always a stalling technique for me
  • writing down a list of projects I want to do - another stalling technique
  • starting a bracelet - step in the right direction but that was 3 days ago and only an inch done and it is netting
  • looking at beading books - good for inspiration but not giving me any

So I just don't know - well I really do, like Nike says "Just Do It". If it is fear, fear of what?? I keep going round and round like a dog chasing it's tail and I am getting nothing accomplished and I am getting more and more frustrated - not good.


Spacepingo said...

Im reading a book right now, its kind of a selfhelp book. The authors of this book means that you dont need inspiration or motivation to get started with something. You can start doing something and the motivation comes eventually. This works for me. Im working on a knitted scarf I started on for over 5 years ago. Its not complicated, I love the colors and I want it finished BUT i almost never have the motivation to start. But when I start, the motivation comes after a little while. Why dont you try this? Good luck /Mimmi

Kokopelli said...

Two ideas: first you maybe want to do a little challenge with me. I make up two sets of beads, send one to you and then we both make a piece of jewelry out of them. Maybe this will boost your creativity.
Second is not an idea and maybe it sounds a bit discouraging, but sometimes I just don't feel the need to bead. I love beading, no question, but sometimes I don't have to bead to be happy/satisfied. I do other crafts during these periods and then return to beading. Maybe you have such a period now and just have to sit it out.
Don't know if that helps. :-/

Sabine said...

I agree with Kokopelli! I try to knit or sew and that usually leads me back to beading!

Good luck, girl!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Yes, oh yes there is fear of launching in and starting again. I have had numerous dry beading periods (one serious 6 month one after my Dad died). So many times, for me, it is when my studio is a complete disaster and when I walk in, any creative thoughts end up as jumbled as the piles on my work table... then I just walk back out. Perhaps it is a stalling technique for me too.

I have now come to expect that my creative process has huge waves - both high and low - and that I will ride them when the time is right.

Someday you will be inspired (maybe from a book or a class or the colors of a maple leaf) and you will dive in and explode with creativity!

Mortira said...

Beaders block is no fun at all! I hope you'll be able to find the inspiration that you need. I find that when I'm feeling this way, it helps to do something really, really simple. I usually pick out some of my favorite, colorful beads, and just do a stringing style project. That helps rev up the need to bead again.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

do you have a pattern and instructions for the cellini spiral bracelet.


Jean Hutter said...

Instructions for the cellini spiral