Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Freeform Netted Bracelet

Well I have been struggling with beaders block or lack of inspiration for awhile. I wanted to bead but just kept putting it off not knowing what I wanted to do. I look at a lot of blogs everyday and one of my favorites is Beverly Ash Gilbert. I love her blog, of course for the beading, but also for the amazing posts about color and the wonderful photos she posts. Beverly has a book coming out in January - which I have pre-ordered - called BEADED COLORWAYS: Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes. I can't wait to get my hands on this book but in the meantime I thought I would try my hand at making a bead soup and doing a freeform netted bracelet.

This was just what the bead doctor ordered. Making the bead soup was such fun - combining different colors and types of beads - I was pretty conservative on this first one. Beading the freeform netted bracelet was the most fun I had beading in a LONG time. I also had just the right little button to use as a closure. I love the way this bracelet came out, it was a pleasure to make and I am wearing it now - this one is for me!!!!

Next I want to make a Christmas bead soup - I can see it already, reds, greens and golds - later today and then a beautiful Christmas bracelet for me to wear to some holiday parties - everyone will be so jealous!!!

Thank you Beverly for getting me back on track - I am so glad to be excited about beading again.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Can you hear me whooping?! Great job, it is beautiful! But mostly, how fabulous you had fun and are back in the game!

Cyndi L said...

I adore Beverly's work! This bracelet is a wonderful testament to the power of some inspiration...gorgeous job, Jean :-)