Saturday, December 05, 2009

Work in Progress

This is the latest necklace I am working on - it is a netting design in pearl colored seed beads. It is taking forever - very intricate and slow going but really beautiful. I am very excited about this one. I got a package in the mail yesterday - an artist friend (thank you Lois) sent me a copy of 500 Beaded Objects - she got it at a local library for $1.00. What an amazing book - I am thrilled to have it.


Triz Designs said...

ohhh that looks pretty!!! can't wait to see it finished!

Lucky you, that book for $1!!! wow!!!

and to answer your comment, I always photoshop my pictures, the one you saw was (believe it or not) already photoshoped :-)

Karen said...

that is fabulous work! good for you!!