Friday, January 15, 2010

Beadfest Philadelphia August 2010

I know it seems so early to even be thinking about August yet - but the registration is open for Beadfest in Philadelphia. I missed it last year and really want to go this year. One of my beady resolutions was to take a class or two and learn something new. So this is the class I signed up for today and I am so excited. It is called Scrap Box Bracelet and will be taught by Kim St.Jean. It is a beginners class on metalsmithing and here is the description: "In this class you will learn about a variety of cold connections. You will see how you can literally take scraps from the scrap box and combine them in appealing ways using balance and line. The results are a knock out!"

Well this will be new for me and something I have been interested in trying. I love my seed beads and maybe at some point I can combine the beadweaving with metal. I just think this looks like a fun class and I am in love with the bracelets. Woooo Hooooo - now I can't wait for August.


Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

Too cool! Hopefully you will be blogging ALL about the class...should be a fun one!

Kokopelli said...

The bracelets look cool! And I can imagine so many ways combining the metalwork with beadweaving. Have fun! And make sure to post about this class.

Me said...

I also want to take this (and other) classes. I am trying to decide if I can come-from Ohio... Wish a had a travel buddy! Lol