Sunday, January 31, 2010

My stash from the Bead Show

A friend told me there was a bead show in Toms River about 15 minutes from me - I didn't even know. Went yesterday afternoon - it was a small show at the Holiday Inn but very crowded - I was surprised. The two photos are some of the beads and other stuff I bought. I spent about 3 hours there - looked around twice and then decided what I wanted to buy. It was a nice afternoon out and I like what I got - now to go make something! I am going to Beadfest in Philadelphia in August - when I go there to shop I want to have a list and some idea of what I want - that is a big show and can be overwhelming.

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Sarah said...

Lovely stash! i have been to a bead show today, they are so much fun aren't they?