Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two New Pair of Earrings

As I said in a previous post I am making some jewelry for myself - these are 2 more earrings for moi. The are from the Medici Drop pattern in Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence book. I think I am done with earrings for now and a bracelet is in my future.

I am in a reflective period right now trying to decide how to best spend my creative energies. Before I got involved with the jewelry I was and still am a painter - large abstracts on canvas and paper and smaller watercolor landscapes. I have not been painting at all lately and I am not sure why - just not doing it. This is not to say I do not have a large body of work in my studio but I am just not producing any new art right now.

My dilemma is where to spend my time - painting or making jewelry - or just chuck both and give it all up - yea that's right, that is something I am considering - get rid of the pressure to create/produce. I have not made any decision yet and am considering all options and I am not taking this lightly. I think a lot has to do with if and when I sell my NJ house, where we will be living and so forth. An awful lot to think about.


dany said...

Now get some stylish earrings this season for your beloved at an affordable price..

Karen said...

I cannot believe someone as talented and creative as you would consider giving it all up.... although there should be no pressure should be fun and relaxing for you.

Michelle Mach said...

I just did those same earrings from Marcia DeCoster's book. That was such a fun pattern!

I feel for you in your dilemma. I think it's hard for artists to take a break; it seems like you're always "on" whether you're actively producing or not.