Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How I changed what I started

So the bottom photo is the focal I started yesterday - I was just so-so with it. I wasn't thrilled with the cream and turquoise surrounding beads - I thought they took some of the focus away from the beautiful face. I was equally unhappy with the outer turquoise beads ..... so I ripped out everything. The top image is the new version. I surrounded the focal with turquoise chips and I am so much happier with this look. I think the chips compliment the face both in color and texture, it is a more complete look.

I am very fussy about my art and my jewelry and I know if something just doesn't look or feel right. I am more than willing to rip out until I am happy. So now I am happy - next I need to figure out the necklace portion - I plan on something simple so the face is the star.

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