Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I finished and what I started

I haven't blogged in a few days - I have been busy cleaning out parts of my NJ house - looks like I will be selling this house so I am starting to get rid of junk I have accumulated over the years - not easy for me to do, but I am being ruthless.

So the top photo is the finished pink cuff - it was a long time coming but I guess it turned out OK - it sure was that learning experience I have been talking about.

The second photo is the face I got as part of the Valentine's Giveaway from Joan Tucker at Off Center Productions. I am just beading a simple edging around the face as I want it to be the focal for the necklace I am planning. Right now it looks like the colors will be turquoise, cream and chocolate brown. I haven't quite thought out the necklace portion yet or even how I will join the focal but it is coming along nicely.

Don't forget to see the post below for my painting giveaway - just leave me a comment.

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