Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bead Embroidery Collar - putting it all together

Finally got all the pieces finished and I am trying to assemble the collar. Since I had no plan as usual, I am doing some trial and error techniques to finish this. I gave been ripping out just as much as I have been beading - another learning experience for me. I must say I have learned a LOT doing this one and there are some things I would have done differently. I guess if I didn't enjoy working this way I would plan better. This is also the way I paint so it works for me in the end - even though the end is sometimes hard to get to. Just a little more finishing to do on this one and I will be done.

I have a new embroidery cuff with a Lisa Peters focal started, but I think I may do a few small pieces like some earrings next - just to relax my eyes a bit. I plan on doing a lot of bead embroidery this summer. I have a ton of jewelry for sale in my Etsy and 1000Markets shops so I can bead what I want right now. I find I really like doing the bead embroidery - it is very abstract like my art. So I have planned a summer of Tarot study and bead embroidery - bring it on!


Melody Marie Murray said...

I love the way this has turned out! Beautiful!

Beadwright said...

Even with the ripping out it is beautiful. Great job.