Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Cuff Moving Along

Got much better photos of the new cuff this AM. I am thinking of names and it needs to be a special name - I have a few in mind. The photos this morning are very true in color to the actual cuff - such rich jewel like tones - I am loving this one. It is coming together so easily - some I rip out more than I bead, this one is just flowing - all the pieces fitting just right. Boy a cuff seems so simple after making the collar - but a collar is next in my beading future and I don't need my Tarot cards to know this ; )


Beadwright said...

You are really working on this and it is truly lovely.

PinkPoochDesigns said...

It looks amazing!! I LOVE the colors! Someday I might make an attempt to bead embroider. It really scares me!

lisa peters ART said...

Looks great Jean! cant wait to see it finished! Love the colors!

Jean Hutter said...

Thanks Lisa - with that focal I can't go wrong.

Staci - you should try it - it is really fun.