Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I Am Working On - New Collar

Just the beginning stages of my new collar - but I have the name picked out already. I hope to get some more work done on it today but I have some other mundane things to do too ; (


Carol said...

Hi Jean
I don't think I will ever make one of these. Don't know where I would wear it, but you never know, you see EVERYTHING at Walmart `lol`
Anyway, how did you figure out the design for the blank in regard to the correct size neck opening so it lays right? I have always wondered how a designer figures that out.

Jean Hutter said...

Carol - this is only my second collar so I am just learning. I know the last one I made fit perfectly so I based this new one on that - the first one I just estimated a neck size. I know there must be an easier way to do this but I am not sure how yet.

Pat de Verre said...

Always a pleasure to broswe on your blog and fantastic works
Wish you a nice weekend

Gypsy said...

Oooohhhh Tiger Eye!