Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Work on My Rust Cuff

I did some more work on my rust cuff. I really need to sit down and finish this especially since I have a turquoise cuff in mind for my next project. I hope to get a block of time to work on this tonight. I have been spending a lot of time working on my art - I redid my Art Web Site - added some paintings to my Etsy Art Shop and have been painting. I am also thinking about selling my NJ house and buying a new one in the area - this is a BIG decision for me - I have lived in this house 32 years and I HATE change. Lots of things going on here but I never miss a meal ; )


Beadwright said...

Hi Jean. The cuff is coming along beautifully. That is a long time to be in a place and then thinking about moving. Good luck on the decision.

Triz Designs said...

wow moving after 32 years is for sure a biggie! I haven't even lived in one country for that long! :-) I also hate change but I do love how this cuff is coming along! another beautiful beadembroidered cuff Jean!!!

Monica said...

Non vedo l'ora che sia finito, sta venendo proprio favoloso!