Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rust - Bead Embroidery Cuff

This is the latest cuff finished. I am calling it "Rust". The focal is a coral cab surrounded by red aventurine chips. It has hundreds of size 15, 11, 8 and 6 seed beads and coral rondells covering its surface. All in shades of red, gold and red/orange. I really had problems getting this one to work - I spend a day beading and ripping out - I finally cut it all up. I refused to be defeated and started fresh the next day. I am happy I did - I really love this cuff. It is 1 3/4 in width and very showy. So I am planning my next cuff and will be taking the leap and trying a collar - pretty basic for the collar for the first on - I just want to get my feet wet! I have the focal and complimentary beads picked out and I like the color scheme. I just need to do some planning and get going.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Coral Cuff - Part Two

Coral Cuff - the second coming - now this is more what I had in mind. I am glad I cut up the first start which you can see in the previous post. That was just not working for me. This start is much more interesting. It is all about the contrast between the textures, the smooth coral focal and the texture of the chips and larger beads - so far I am loving this. I cannot just live with something - jewelry or paintings, if I don't like the way they are headed I know I am not going to change my mind - they are not going to grow on me - quite the opposite. Also the first start was to symmetrical - I like things very abstract. This was a good decision.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sometimes It Just Does Not Happen

I started this cuff the other night and yesterday really started working on it. It was just NOT coming together - I unbeaded more than I beaded. I ripped it out so many times my hands were hurting. I just could not get this one flowing. About 1 in the morning I just gave up and cut it up. Well lets just say I gave up on that design idea. I will not be defeated by this coral cab - I have another idea and after I finish ripping out all the beads later today I will start fresh - so there!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ice Age - Bead Embroidery Cuff

My newest OOAK bead embroidery cuff "Ice Age" . This one has a pearl and silver button as the focal and is made up of hundreds of pearls, chips, seed beads and cube beads in shades of white, ivory and pearl. I think it would be perfect for that June wedding. For some reason this cuff came together so easily unlike the new one I started last night - it is proving to be very difficult!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finished Cuff and New Start

The top photo is the finished cuff called "Mystic" The bottom photo is the new one I just started this weekend in PA - this will be called "Ice Age". Both are 1 inch wide. The new cuff all in white, is very textured and coming along nicely. I will be doing some more work on it tonight. I also have a red/orange one in the planning stages. I want to try my hand at a bead embroidery collar next. I have the beads and even the name picked out - I just need to zero in on the design and get started - soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Almost There

Finished with the main beading now I just need to glue this to the cuff blank (which I just did) and then edge. This is my 6th cuff and I am continuing to learn from each one. I liken these to the abstract paintings I paint - every part of the piece is important - not just the focal. I want to keep the eye moving all over the bracelet and have all of it interesting. This is achieved by color, texture, pattern, movement, bead shape and finish. It is so much like a puzzle or collage where all the pieces must fit together to create a whole. I guess maybe this is why I enjoy doing the bead embroidery so much because it is so much like my paintings. I have my next piece in mind - well actually my next 2 cuffs planned and I want to try my hand at making a collar. I sure am having fun.

More Work on New Cuff

Almost finished with my latest cuff. This one is just so beautiful I love the coloring - the turquoise with the copper. I should finish it today and glue it to the cuff blank - then just the edging and it will be finished. I am already planning my next cuff. I also want to try one without the cuff blank but need to think about a closure - I am not too keen on the hook and eyes so I need to research this.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Copper Canyon - Beaded Pendant and Spiral Rope Necklace

I forgot to post this new pendant/necklace. I finished it over the weekend it is called Copper Canyon and is a bead embroidery pendant and spiral rope necklace. The center is a copper button used as the focal. It has many layers of seed beads in copper, black and cream surrounding it. The necklace is a spiral rope made using the same beads as the focal. It also has a smaller copper button that matches the focal as the closure. For some reason right now I am loving copper - it is such a rich warm color. I just started a new cuff in copper and turquoise - coming along nicely - photos soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flamingo - Beaded Fringed Bracelet

Just finished this fringed bracelet. The base is made up of pink seed beads size 6 and 11. It has many layers of fringe made up of different sizes of pink, rose and pearl beads. It has a handmade beaded button closure. I wanted to make something in between the bead embroidery but a new cuff is next.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sage - Bead Embroidery Cuff

Here is the finished cuff on the cuff blank. I really like the way this turned out - I like the color and feel of this one. I can't wait to start the next one but I think I may do some beadweaving first. This cuff is listed in my Etsy Shop here.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cuff Number 5 finished

The top photo is the cuff with more work and the bottom is the finished cuff. I just need to adhere it to the cuff blank - probably tomorrow cause it is late and I am tired. Came back from PA tonight - what a great weekend. There is still lots of snow there but it is melting - if the weather stays warm and they get rain later in the week most of it should be gone - about time.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Cuff Started

And the cuff fever continues. This is number 5. The focal is a large Kambaba Jasper as are the 2 smaller stones. They are black with a lot of very cool moss green markings - really interesting. I am making this one pretty dark - lots of olive and darker green matte and metalic beads. The lightest I am going in this on is the lime colored accents. This is what I am learning about values - I do not want to go very light in this cuff - like say a cream color accent as I feel it would be spotty and take away from the focal. The only contrast is a very muted orange size 8 that I am using sparingly. So far I like this one - I will do some more work on it later today - it is 1 1/2 inches wide. I think I have a name but want to wait a bit before I committ to it.

About kambaba jasper: Some spiritualists believe that kambaba jasper can soothe nerves and ease the wearer's mental state. It is believed by some to bring balance and relaxation, and like all jaspers, it is a stone of protection and grounding. Some even think that kambaba jasper can aid with plant growth, specifically in dry envronments with poor soil quality. Physically, some believe kambaba jasper can aid with healing after an illness, help the body absorb viatamins and minerals while expelling toxins, and aid with stabilizing one's diet.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Copperhead - Bead Embroidery Cuff

"Copperhead" is a bead Embroidery cuff number 4. The focal is a 20mm Red Jasper Cab. The bracelet was embroidered on Lacys stiff stuff and is composed of a variety of beads and pearls in shades of copper, brown, teal, cream, black and grey. This cuff is a little narrower than the last one, it is 1 inch. I really like the color combination and it went together easily. I find if you match the focal to 3 or 4 colors it works best. I also do not like too much variation of value in the colors but that is just me. I am starting cuff number 5 - I really enjoy doing these.