Friday, January 21, 2011

Orthoceras - Say What??

I visited a rock and mineral shop when we were in West Virginia this past fall. These are three of the things I bought. They are called Orthoceras - a long straight cephalopod from the Devonian Period 350 million years ago. These creatures lived in a shallow sea where Morocco is now. Orthoceras are identified by their straight shell with center siphuncle. The became extinct approximately 190 million years ago. I bought 3 - 2 small and one large. I am going to make these into necklaces - bead embroidery pendant with a matching rope necklace or maybe one into a collar - not sure yet. They are not easy to photo - they are black and grey and very shiny. This should be interesting ; )


Kokopelli said...

Great pieces! I got one of them in my stash for over a year until I figured out what it was.

Beverly Herman said...

I have two of those I bought at Rock show in 2004. They are really cool!