Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Freeform Bracelet in Progress

Well I think this is the worst photo I have ever taken or this orange bracelet is going to be a bitch to get a decent photo. I have ripped this one out a few times but I am a bit happier with it now - I need to work on the edges and maybe put in some type of a focal. Orange is not one of my favorite colors and I had planned on making this one pink and orange but here it sits all orange. Maybe I needed the brightness and warmth with all of the snow. I plan on doing more work on this tonight.

I have been doing a lot of reevaluation in my life lately especially in my art and beading. As far as beading goes I will keep on beading even after I move but I plan on doing more involved larger projects - things that make take longer but projects I find more satisfying and things I can learn from. Right now I am exploring freeform - like I said I have done freeform before but never to my liking and I am never comfortable working in freeform. I guess if I do a few of these I may change my mind.

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