Friday, February 11, 2011

Sun Kissed - Freeform Peyote Bracelet

So here is the latest finished freeform peyote bracelet and I must say I LOVE it. I am calling this one Sun Kissed - just because!!!! I didn't think I would like all the orange but I really do - the shades are different, there is lots texture and some shiny and some matte beads - makes for a nice mix. I have to say though it does not photograph well and I tried lots of different backgrounds - the focal seems to melt into the band in the pictures - not the case in person. I like doing freeform right now and plan another start later today - I am thinking all white or else lime greens - probably will end up doing both ; )


Perlenzauberin said...

I love it to! Wonderful!

Lynn said...

I am addicted to freeform beading and love your Sun Kissed bracelet. It is sleek yet funky. Orange works for me.

perlengirl said...

Wow, great in a wonderful colour.