Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy Cane - Russian Spiral Bracelet

I guess I am in the Christmas spirit this year. I just finished this Russian spiral bracelet in red and white - just like a candy cane. It also has a gold loop and toggle closure. I will be listing it in my Etsy Shop soon - I am off to bingo - I sure hope I win something ; )

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Christmas Spiral

Well I liked my Christmas Spiral bracelet so much I decided to make a similar one and put it in my Etsy Shop. I am finishing up another holiday bracelet - this one in red and white like a candy cane - I will photo and list it tomorrow. I sure am enjoying making these smaller bracelets but I feel a large bead embroidery project coming on. I also want to explore RAW - I have Marcia DeCoster's Beaded Opulence book and I purchased 2 RAW tutorials - so what am I waiting for - I don't know but I do know RAW scares me. I just need to jump in and get started I guess ; )

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Jewelry for Me

I am going to a Christmas party this year and decided I needed some nice jewelry to wear. I never really make something just for me so I was excited about a new bracelet. I decided on a double spiral in red, green and gold (of course). I had a nice small closure that worked so well with the design. It fits me perfectly and I am thrilled with how it looks on my wrist. I then thought maybe something for my neck would be in order. I few years ago I bought a pattern for a fringed bead from The Jade Dog - I have made a few of these for myself and some friends so I thought a nice one in red, green and gold would be great. I made the fringe on the bead a bit longer than usual and I like it a lot. You can see the results in the above photos. I put the fringed bead on a gold ball chain - it is 24 inches. I can't wait for the party to wear my new jewelry. I think I might make a Christmas bracelet or two for my Etsy Shop.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turquoise Dream - Bead Embroidery Cuff

I started this cuff in the summer when I was staying in PA. I figured I better finish it so I can move on to a new project - I only work on one project at a time. This is a bead embroidery cuff and the focal is a turquoise donut surrounded by copper seed beads and turquoise chips. The remainder of the cuff is made up of seed beads, pearls and other various beads in shades of copper, brown and turquoise. It is backed with dark blue felt and the center is a brass cuff blank. I am so glad to finally finish this one - I hope my urge to bead is back - maybe so because I have a new project picked out. Since I moved to my new house I don't seem to get much done and time just flies. Now that winter is coming I hope to get back into painting and beading I also want to get back into reading my tarot cards - should be a busy winter.