Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Jewelry for Me

I am going to a Christmas party this year and decided I needed some nice jewelry to wear. I never really make something just for me so I was excited about a new bracelet. I decided on a double spiral in red, green and gold (of course). I had a nice small closure that worked so well with the design. It fits me perfectly and I am thrilled with how it looks on my wrist. I then thought maybe something for my neck would be in order. I few years ago I bought a pattern for a fringed bead from The Jade Dog - I have made a few of these for myself and some friends so I thought a nice one in red, green and gold would be great. I made the fringe on the bead a bit longer than usual and I like it a lot. You can see the results in the above photos. I put the fringed bead on a gold ball chain - it is 24 inches. I can't wait for the party to wear my new jewelry. I think I might make a Christmas bracelet or two for my Etsy Shop.


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The pieces are great. Very Holiday!