Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Star Necklace

So I decided I wanted a star necklace too.  I made this one a lot bigger than the turquoise - I used bigger beads. I just hung it from a silver ball chain and I think it works well. This star is from a pattern by Callie Mitchell The Peregrine Beader.  It is fun and quick to bead and makes a nice pendant or a charm in the smaller size. 

I am working today on Cubic RAW.  Here is a great video from Heather Collin - I beaded up a sample and next I am going to make a simple bracelet.  It was actually easier than I imagined once I got going. I want to be able to have some different chain/necklaces for my beading for 2012.  I also want to explore herringbone  - so much I want to do!

I cannot believe 2011 is almost over.  I have a photo album on my FB page of beading I have done this year and in a few days I will be making a new album for 2012.  The year passed so quickly - well I had a lot go on this year some good and some not so good so I am ready to start with a clean slate in 2012.  I probably should set some goals for the coming year - I will have to think about that for a bit.


antonella said...

I love stars and this one is very pretty! Happy new year!!!

Halina said...

One more beautiful starfish!I love the connection of silver and navy blue.It always gives the nice effects.It would be looking nice on silver,right angle chain,as given in the tutorial.
Greetings once more,and Happy Beading in the coming New Year!

Pelantura said...

Te ha quedado una estrella muy bonta, enhorabuena Jean!!!

Cassandra Zengilowski said...

I had a necklace before that was quite similar to this one. My younger sister gave it to me when I was fifteen and she was just seven years old then. :’) Those were the days when she put in the effort to give me accessories. Now, I’m the one who’s always giving her charms. Haha!