Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Blog Post

I wasted serious time over the summer in PA. I am now back in NJ and need to start doing some things and making some plans. I started this new bead embroidery cuff while I was in PA and did a little work on it there. I unpacked my beads today and did some more work on it this afternoon and I plan on finishing it sooner than later!! I need to make some decisions on my beading and on my painting and I need to do it soon. I think I want to spend some time painting a few watercolor landscapes - I like to do them, I am good at it and they do sell. After looking at all the beautiful scenery in PA I am inspired. Sounds like a plan right there. The problem is finding the space to paint - now that I am in my new house I do not have a studio anymore. I think I am going to go look over in the clubhouse - there is an arts and craft room there that I may be able to use to do some watercolors a few afternoons a week. I probably could use it to bead too. Think I will take a ride over there tomorrow afternoon and inquire.