Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Star Necklace

So I decided I wanted a star necklace too.  I made this one a lot bigger than the turquoise - I used bigger beads. I just hung it from a silver ball chain and I think it works well. This star is from a pattern by Callie Mitchell The Peregrine Beader.  It is fun and quick to bead and makes a nice pendant or a charm in the smaller size. 

I am working today on Cubic RAW.  Here is a great video from Heather Collin - I beaded up a sample and next I am going to make a simple bracelet.  It was actually easier than I imagined once I got going. I want to be able to have some different chain/necklaces for my beading for 2012.  I also want to explore herringbone  - so much I want to do!

I cannot believe 2011 is almost over.  I have a photo album on my FB page of beading I have done this year and in a few days I will be making a new album for 2012.  The year passed so quickly - well I had a lot go on this year some good and some not so good so I am ready to start with a clean slate in 2012.  I probably should set some goals for the coming year - I will have to think about that for a bit.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Star Fish Necklace

So this is the Star Fish pattern I purchased from Callie Mitchell The Peregrine Beader. The top photo is the actual star fish which was really fun to bead.  So I decided to make a necklace for it - just very simple stringing with the turquoise crystals that I used in the middle of the fish and silver seed beads.  It has a nice silver loop and toggle closure. The bottom photo is more true to the actual color.

This star fish is small about 1 inch - beaded with size 11 and 15 seed beads.  I am sending this necklace to someone special because it will be just perfect for her!!  I want to make one for me but I want my star fish bigger so I will experiment with bigger beads.  I will be interested to see how that comes out.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have purchased a few tutorials lately - my Christmas present to myself.  Like I sad in a previous post I have quite a body of work and I am looking to learn and try new things.  The top photo is a Satellite Bead by Heather Collin.  This is done in RAW and I am really trying to understand RAW.  It was fun to make and I am either going to suspend it on a chain or make a small beaded rope for it.

The second photo is a herringbone bracelet Garden By the Sea by Beverly Herman.   The focal is a 6 hole bead by Heather Powers - Humble Beads.  I love the color combo and it looks great on my wrist. I had a good time making both the bead and bracelet and I did learn a lot.

Support your fellow beaders and always give them credit when you use one of their designs. I have some more tutorials that I will be beading up and showing soon.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Memory Wire Bracelet

I wanted to make something for casual wear with jeans.  I had the memory wire for a long time and decided to use up some odds and ends of beads from other projects. I really love this bracelet - the color is amazing and I love the charms on the loop ends. I have some more memory wire and I just might make another one maybe in gold and browns.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Minerals - Double Spiral Bracelet

Well I do believe this is the last of the spiral bracelets for awhile. This one is a bit larger - will fit a 7 inch wrist and is listed in my Etsy Shop here. I am next going to work on one of the new beading patterns that I purchased. I am not sure which one yet - I have to see what beads I have here in my stash as I am trying not to buy anything until after Christmas. Too bad I have to go deliver paintings tonight that means I cannot start anything - well tomorrow then.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Body of Work

I finished this double spiral bracelet last night - it is in my Etsy Shop here. I have a few projects picked out that I want to get going on but I have been thinking about beading lately - specifically beading what I want to bead for a change, learning some new techniques and just having some fun. Which brings me to the title of this post "A Body of Work". This is a term I have used often in my art - a term that allows me to change and try some new things. I consider a body of work as having enough good consistent work that represents me at the point I am now - in either my painting or jewelry career. I have lots of items for sale in my Etsy Shop and plenty to take to a craft show so why not move on and try some new things?

With this in mind I thought I would learn RAW - it is coming along sort of. I also thought I would buy some patterns from me fellow beaders who I admire and make some nice jewelry for myself in the process - a win-win situation. So far I have purchased patterns from Beverly Herman of No Easy Beads, Chris of Good Quill Hunting, Callie Mitchell of The Peregrine Beader and Heather Collin of Dreamweavers Studio. I will probably get a few more but for now that is a good start. I also want to start a nice bead embroidery project - I am just not sure what it will be yet - but I should be pretty busy for the winter. I will post photos as I progress.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Necklace for Me & Book Giveaway

I just finished this turquoise fringed bead and placed it on a silver ball chain for me!! I liked my Christmas bead so much I thought why not make a casual one for everyday wear and I just happened to have these turquoise chips out from a recent bead embroidery cuff that I finished. This fringed bead is from a pattern by The Jade Dog - thanks Darcy for this great pattern. I also want to tell everyone about the Super Holiday Bead Book Giveaway - 21 Books from Lark Jewelry & Beading. What a great giveaway this one is - I would love to win so go have a look here.