Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead Embroidery Pendant - Beginning

I have just started this Coral pendant and plan on making a necklace to go with it in coral and possibly cubic RAW.  But then that is thinking way to far ahead.  So far I am in the beginning stages and I am wondering why I don't plan out my designs better - I just jump right in and start beading.  I think this is probably not the way most people do it but it works for me - well sometimes ; )  I already am thinking about fringe and it is way to soon for that - sigh!!!  Well I do like the paring of the red and gold and I will carry that through in the necklace portion.  I hope to get some beading done on this later today.  I bought candy - Ferrero Rocher - my favorite so I am good to go.


Halinka said...

Fantastic cabs,Jean:-)
Red color matches to gold in a fabulous way.
I also love to bezel the cabochons and Swarovski crystals.
I have never sewed them to felt,or suede leather.Never put them on the metal chain either.I always try to make them all only beaded,though I know,that this method gives probably more possibilities of the embellishment.
I love the cabs of Yours though.
Best Greetings and...visit my blog sometimes too:-)

JS said...

I think not planning is fine. It's good to let the beads surprise you :) and you can always rip it out if it doesn't work.