Sunday, February 19, 2012

Another RAW Bangle

Just finished another RAW bangle - it is the pink and lime one above pictured with the original black and lime. These are fun to make and I plan on making more but I have started 2 bead embroidery projects - at least they are not major projects. The bangle pattern is Star Gazers from Heather Collin.  I am thinking I need at least one to three more of these bangles to wear together - so I will make them in the same colors so it is a set.

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Halinka said...

They are really SUPERB!
Their all charm is in seed beads only.I've seen lots of bangles in many blogs and books,but I love Yours,because they are not overembellished.I'd have to think about making something similar:-)It must be a real fun to wear three,or even five of them at time.