Saturday, February 04, 2012

Twist of Fate - Beaded Pendant and Spiral Rope Necklace

I just finished this bead embroidery pendant and spiral rope necklace which I have named Twist of Fate.  For the pendant I used a turquoise donut and I love the markings on it.  The background color of the donut is a pewter so I decided to use turquoise and pewter colored beads for this - pretty much a no brainer.  I have always liked the fringe Sherry Serafini used for her collar A Mermaid's Attire.  I loved the use of spiral rope for the fringe - unfortunately  I did not have enough of the turquoise seed beads to do all my fringe in spiral rope so I did a few and then did regular fringe for the rest - and I think it works well for this piece.   When it came to doing the rope necklace I toyed with the idea of cubic RAW (since I have learned to do this stitch and like it) but I thought I did not want to mix my stitches for this piece and I opted for spiral rope for the necklace as well.  I am really happy with the result and want to explore this idea further - I think the dark color and long fringe make it and edgier piece and that is what I am going for right now.  Although I love crystals and lots of bling - that is not where my head is right now.  I am ready to go look through my cabs and come up with a great focal and start my next piece.  Twist of Fate is in my Etsy shop here


Sarah said...

Beatufil necklace, I love the fringe.

Halinka said...

The final effect looks nice.The central gemstone looks,as if it had the 'face' and even a nose:-)
The colors are fantastic and I like the rope too.

KipperCat said...

Jean, I love this piece. All the parts are wonderful, but the overall cohesiveness even more so. I plan to remember this fringe when I finally do some bead embroidery.

WindyRiver said...

Gorgeous necklace (especially the fringe!)