Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Crystal Garden - Bracelet

I just finished this beaded bracelet.  It is very hard to photo because it is clear/crystal beads.  I did photo it on a black background so that did help but you really cannot see the beauty of this bracelet in the pictures. It was a fun project - something different for a change.  It is composed of crystal seed beads beaded into leaf shapes and a few crystal flower beads as accents.  I like it a lot - now on to the next project whatever that might be.

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Halinka said...

It really looks,like a frosty garden.You know,I've been thinking,this bracelet can be worn all year round,except...Spring,because it would remind the passing Winter:-)Can be worn in Autumn,because this season is only colorful at the beginning-afterwards becomes rainy and boring,so everybody wants it to get changed into Winter.In Winter-it's normal-people wear many things to emphazise the snowy season.In Summer,will make You cool-so it would be very useful to have such a thing,reminding the frost:-)
I love Your design!
Warm Hugs-from Halinka-