Sunday, March 11, 2012

Etsy - The Thrill Is Gone

Today is my anniversary on Etsy I opened my jewelry shop Totally Twisted on March 11, 2007.  So I’ve been on there 5 years. A lot has changed in that 5 years and yet nothing has changed.  I still struggle to make any sales, struggle to be seen and I just plain struggle.

I have 2 shops Totally Twisted and Jean Hutter – Artist and they couldn’t be more different.  I do quite well selling my paintings and I am so thankful for that but the jewelry is another story.

Thinking back on my early days on Etsy – I remember the Treasuries and Treasury West.  I would sit awaiting the treasury to open up and when I snagged one I was so happy.  Being in a treasury then was really something and if you made the front page – that was beyond awesome.  I used to look through the treasuries and see which got the most views. I would always comment and if I happened to be lucky enough to be in one – I was grabbing that screen shot so I could save it.  Not any more.  I don’t think I have made a treasury or even looked at one in over a year.  

I also was always on the Etsy forums – reading posts, commenting and enjoying the humor, in-fighting and just the helpful hints. I do not think I have looked at the forum pages of Etsy in over a year or more.

And the Etsy Teams – boy there were a few teams I would have given anything to be on.  There were teams I applied to and was rejected.  Actually I applied to a team a month or so ago – was rejected and was pissed for a day or so and then didn’t care.  I figure selling is pretty much a singular pursuit so I have always done it alone no since changing that now – what was I thinking.

As I reflect on this post I wonder why for me the Etsy thrill is gone.  I think a lot has to do with Facebook and the amount of time it eats up in a day.  Not that the time is all wasted – I have meet many new friends, can promote my Etsy Shops – heck I have even had sales originate from Facebook.   I also think selling jewelry on Etsy or any place for that matter is not an easy task – there is so much good and bad competition out there. I think a good move is to create tutorials – something I think about but just do not do (yet) – I love to bead but don’t know if I want to get caught up in the pattern making, the illustrations or even the kitting.

So where do I go from here – I will stay on Etsy even if I am not excited anymore.  I will continue to bead because I love to make jewelry.  I don’t see me back making Treasuries or on the Etsy forums as Facebook has replaced that for me.  When I do find myself in a Treasury I still am grateful for the nod and excited to think someone likes my work.  I also may do a few craft shows this year – not that I find that too thrilling but it is a good way to network, get feedback on my work and just maybe make a sale.  I don’t know what the answer is for me and I hope this does not come across as snobbish but this is just the way it is. 


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Etsy has just changed. I don't sell. I used to LOVE to buy on Etsy. I loved that I could RSS a shop and check every so often to see what is new. New RSS is gone. I hope you find your answers, but I know FB has taken a lot away from Etsy AND blogs.

Halinka said...

I was said for me to read Your 'anniversary blog-post',but this is the whole truth,You have just realised.I've never even tried to sell my things on Etsy,as my American friends told me rather not to,because all the sale has gone there and it's so sad to think,how much work and Heart is being put into our work and we still feel undervaluated,ot even afterthought.I wouldn't like to feel like that,though,having my own two webshops the things are not so easy nowadays.I think,there's no point in us,our work,or ambitions-it has nothing in common with that.I think-this is the case of crissis and people feel -it is still around,as they buy jewels mostly,when they're happy.They aren't now,as they used to be.Things change into worse and we have only a little influence on it,or even any at all.I also painted more in previous years,sold many of my miniatures-I do not do it nowadays,only devoting my time to beading,which I love most.As You have sait-I will not give up beading either.It's been my 'whole life' nowadays.I will be putting them into my drawers,looking at them at the time to time and sometimes put some of them to my webshop-maybe it will be sold someday.There are being organised the craft markets here,in Sweden in May,I am going to take part in.We'll see,how it will be.I've been here not so long,I do not know,how it will develop and how it's going to be.We have to be opitimistic,otherwise nothing will make any sense.It's hard nowadays to be the artist,but I'm not going to give up.
Warm Hugs-Spring's coming-cheer up!-Halinka-

Halinka said...

Sorry about the possible mistakes-I was writing 'under the impulse':-) -very fast and what's more:English is not my native language-I am from Poland:-)

Anonymous said...

One thing is for are still extremely talented! That will NEVER change. Karen/SO Fla

Rita Gonzalez said...

I just started beading and it's unfortunate to see your work (it's beautiful!!!!) not sell on Etsy! I guess I was under a false impression it would be somewhat easy. My work isn't up to the standard I'd like in order for me to really pursue selling it, especially to strangers! Right now my friends and family have started expressing interest in buying some things but I almost feel unworthy! I make at least one piece a day and my work is definitely improving over time.
Is there a better place other than Etsy to sell? On the internet and in person?
Again, gorgeous work! Oh, and I'm from NJ too :)


Gutukas said...

A very good post, thanks for your ideas here. There is no one answer- if a person is very artistic he or she doesn't think about sales- it is hard to combine manager and artist. The crisis dictates low prices- but the handwork needs to be evaluated as is has to be. I do not sell, I make gifts, or make for myself or future sales. Good luck, your jewellery ideas are really beautiful :) Greetings from Lithuania.