Sunday, March 25, 2012

Morocco - Bead Embroidery Cuff

I just realized I never added this cuff to my blog - not that it is a bad thing but I did post pictures of it in progress so I may as well post the finished photos too.  I usually do my cuffs on the brass blanks but I only have 1 blank left and until I sell a cuff I cannot buy any more blanks. Since selling is not something that happens much for me I decided I would try my luck at a "blankless" cuff.  I still think I like the blanks better but with this method you can make much larger cuffs.  I have a small wrist but not everyone does and I have a friend that cannot wear a cuff that is made on a blank so maybe this is a good thing for me to explore. I loved the colors of this one, kind of like milk chocolate and who could argue with that!!!  I have my next projects picked out and one of them will be a bead embroidery cuff - so I guess I will go and get started on some beading.


Halinka said...

You have finished!:-)
It's beautiful-golden pearls,imitating fruit,lots of copper-brown shadows and rustling green remind of Autumn.I love the special mood of Your bracelet.Seems to be...nostalgic somehow.In my opinion-it is one of the most beautiful pieces of Yours,and yet...I still remember the golden-red pendant with coral,which is my favorite one.
Warm Hugs-Halinka

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Jean, what a beautiful bracelet! I love the warm colors that seem to pop out. Just beautiful!

Have a terrific day!

Sheena Mason said...

I'm loving the design. You have some great items. Really like the colour of your bangles.

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Monia Creazioni said...

Beautiful design and colours!...