Thursday, March 15, 2012

New project - Bead Embroidery Cuff

Started working on my next project this bead embroidery cuff - it is all earth tones and right now is further along than this photo.  I love doing these - I just pick a focal, lay out a bunch of beads that I think will go with that focal and just start beading - no planning, no sweat.  I still need to think of a name for this one.


Halinka said...

Meanwhile...when I was struggling with the almost two bracelets and had the poignant 'adventure' - You have invented the new design of the cuff:-)))
I'm positive-it will be wonderful,as the beginning shows.
Bear Hugs and...Happy Beading to You-Halinka-

Karen said...

Hi Jean,

Your work is just gorgeous! I love to bead in a free-form way, too. I'm curious: what are you using for backing? Is it already colored or did you dye it?

Thanks and cheers,
Karen Park (Art and Tea)

Jean Hutter said...

Karen I am using a product I buy at AC Moore a craft store by me - it is like Lacy's but comes in many colors - actually this is what is looks like

hope this helps and thanks for the kind words.