Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Work in progress

This is a new freeform bracelet that I just started.  I am loving it so far and the length is almost finished - 6 1/2 to fit me of course.  I want to add more surface texture, maybe some more layers and decorate the edges.  I have a beautiful black and silver button to use as the closure. I really am having a good time beading this and I can see more of these in my future using some other colors.  This is my learning experience and I hope to iron out all the kinks with this one. I have a ton of ideas about using focals and surface decorations with these freeform bracelets - but I gotta finish this first one. 

1 comment:

Saturday Sequins said...

Jean, that bracelet is coming along beautifully! The silver button will look awesome with it. :)