Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aquarius - Freeform Bracelet

This is my latest freeform bracelet finished when I was on vacation in PA.  This is the second bracelet I made in this fashion and I have a third started.  I love the coloring of this one - the first was in black and I think darker beads show off the design so much better.  I am working on one right now in a purple/pink lighter tone and I do not like it near as much. So I am off to look thru my beads for dark colors - although I think one in gold might be pretty cool too. I love the button I used for the closure on this bracelet and lucky me a have 2 more just like it.

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Chrizette said...

Oh I love this. I have not seen "freeform Peyote" before (but that might just be because I am a bit of a newbie). I am definately going to seach for a pattern :)

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