Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Caribbean Colors Bracelet

The Caribbean Colors bracelet came into my life on Monday and she will be staying with me for a week.  This project is called The Amazing Adventures of the Traveling Bracelets - brain child of Sig Wynne-Evans and you can read all about it here.  You can even sign up to have one of the 10 bracelets visit you for a week stay that's how I came to have Cari. This bracelet has the most amazing bright colors and such good positive energy - you can't help but be happy wearing it. 

I planned on taking Cari with me on my morning walk - well I did take her and my camera.  I had lots of photo sites planned and found out I left the memory card in my computer.  The top photo is me back after my AM walk looking silly because I didn't have any photos. The next two pictures are Cari visiting with our Harley Davidson motorcycle and me looking directly into the sun.   I have more adventures planned and I bet I remember to put the memory card  into the camera!!

1 comment:

Beverly Herman said...

Jean I am so happy to see you have one of the traveling bracelets. I can't wait to see your adventure with it.