Sunday, December 02, 2012

What I Am Working On

I started this emerald green freeform necklace awhile ago.  Then I started making the Christmas earrings and I lost focus. Now I am back and I intend to finish it.  A friend gave me an old green seed bead necklace and I have had it for a long time.  The color is really beautiful and I paired it with some green metallic seed beads for an accent.  These are all size 8 beads so this necklace is not wimpy.  I have a lot of work to do just to finish the length and the I am going to work some more layers over the top with dark green pearls and more seed beads. I originally was going to have a focal but changed my mind about that. I hope the world doesn't end before I finish this ; )

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BackstoryBeads said...

Fantastic start - love the emerald green, and with a top layer of pearls - oh my! I'll be wathing for updates.