Sunday, January 29, 2012

What I Am Working On

I am working on a pendant/necklace using this turquoise donut.  In the center I am using a round silver button that fits just perfectly in the hole.  I am envisioning lots of fringe for this and a simple rope maybe a spiral but I need to get the pendant finished first.  I love the markings on the donut - so interesting.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Temptation - Bead Embroidery Pendant and RAW Rope

This is my latest beading endeavor finished a few days ago. A bead embroidery pendant and cubic RAW necklace. The focal of the pendant is 2 coral cabs surrounded by various size seed beads. I am so happy I finally learned how to do cubic RAW it is quite easy once you get the hang of it and it moves quickly - two things I like.  It is listed in my Etsy Shop here. I think this necklace would be great for Valentines Day it has such a nice feel and the coral focal is a beautiful shade of red with hints of orange. I have and idea for a new pendant using a turquoise donut and lots of fringe - I can't wait to start.  I have so many ideas my head is spinning - I just need to sit down and do some beading.  Easier said than done.  I just finished painting my bedroom and I need to get new carpets in the house and then finally get some furniture bought - I am in my new house almost a year and haven't done anything to set it up.  I was waiting to do the painting first so now that is done so no excuses. I just haven't seen any living room furniture that I LOVE and I want to love it - so I will keep looking.  Once I have the carpet picked out I think the furniture search will be easier - at least the color will be.  I also want to do some abstract painting again - it has been too long and I have a lot of ideas I want to try out on canvas - I had to give up my studio when I moved so it is not that easy to just jump in and paint a large canvas now but I am going to try.  I have paint left over from the bedroom walls and I want to do some nice abstract work using that color with some red, cream and black - I just need to get into motion. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Coral Pendant - More Work

So I think I am finished with the surface beading of my coral pendant - I better be since I cut off the backing!! I need to back and then edge this and decide to fringe or not to fringe.  I am thinking that maybe I will work on the necklace portion next before I decide to add the edging or the fringe - I will see what works best with the necklace/rope. So far I like this one it is simple but elegant looking - so I better not over power it with the necklace portion.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bead Embroidery Pendant - Beginning

I have just started this Coral pendant and plan on making a necklace to go with it in coral and possibly cubic RAW.  But then that is thinking way to far ahead.  So far I am in the beginning stages and I am wondering why I don't plan out my designs better - I just jump right in and start beading.  I think this is probably not the way most people do it but it works for me - well sometimes ; )  I already am thinking about fringe and it is way to soon for that - sigh!!!  Well I do like the paring of the red and gold and I will carry that through in the necklace portion.  I hope to get some beading done on this later today.  I bought candy - Ferrero Rocher - my favorite so I am good to go.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Limelight - Cellini Spiral Bangle

So I finally finished my Cellini spiral bangle and have named it Limelight.  I forgot how slow this stitch is - it seemed to take forever to complete this bracelet and then I was afraid I wouldn't be able to zip it up properly - but I did  it! I used size 15, 11 and 8 seed beads. Here is a tutorial for the Cellini spiral. I would like to do a few more but right now I am working on a bead embroidery pendant and necklace using coral - it is in the beginning stages and I am not sure where it is going yet.  Today is my painting day so I hope to complete at least 2 watercolors that I can sell and then buy beads.  Limelight is in my Etsy shop here - actually I would rather sell that than paintings. I have quite a few other beading projects picked out to do - now I just need the time.

Monday, January 09, 2012

My New Ott Light

So I wanted to get better lighting for beading in the evening.  I have heard how great the Ott light is but of course I had to ask my fellow beaders.  I got nothing but positive reviews on the Ott so that is what I wanted to buy.  After a few false starts I finally got a 40% off coupon for Michael's from my friend Sharyn - I go to Michael's and the Ott lights are on sale for 50% off.  So now I am the new owner of the Ott light pictured above.  Last night was its maiden voyage and I LOVE it - I don't know how I have gone this long without this light. And yes that is still the green Cellini spiral bracelet I have been working on forever.  I cannot believe how slow it is moving - like a snail. I think I may finish it up tonight or tomorrow and I will be so glad to move on to something new.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cubic RAW

So I wanted to learn how to do Cubic RAW - and her you have it. My first Cubic RAW bracelet. Very simple but hey I did it.  It was fun and an enjoyable to stitch.  I will be using Cubic RAW for some ropes for my pendants - hopefully soon.  For some reason I have moved on to a Cellini spiral bracelet - go figure - but I will be back to RAW soon.  I really like making jewelry for myself since I don't have to come up with a name ; )