Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eclipse - Freeform Bracelet

So I finished my black freeform bracelet and I must say I LOVE it.  Fits me perfectly and feels good wearing it.  I had planned to use a beautiful black and silver button as the closure but the button was just too big so I had to settle for the plain black smaller button but I think maybe it works better since the bracelet is all black beads.  This was my learning experience and I have a lot of ideas to expand on this -  with colors, focals  and texture.  I already have the beads picked out for the next one and will probably start beading on it tonight.  I am going away to PA for a couple of weeks and I am not taking any beading with me - so I will be having quite the break from creating.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Work in progress

This is a new freeform bracelet that I just started.  I am loving it so far and the length is almost finished - 6 1/2 to fit me of course.  I want to add more surface texture, maybe some more layers and decorate the edges.  I have a beautiful black and silver button to use as the closure. I really am having a good time beading this and I can see more of these in my future using some other colors.  This is my learning experience and I hope to iron out all the kinks with this one. I have a ton of ideas about using focals and surface decorations with these freeform bracelets - but I gotta finish this first one. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two New Bracelets

I haven't posted in a long time but I have been beading.  I finished these 2 bracelets awhile ago - love them both and they are for me.  I was so inspired by this bracelet and two others by Nancy Dale - that I thought I needed to try to make one for myself.  I made the black one first and wore it around and got a ton of compliments so I decided to make the peach colored one for a more summery look.  Nancy said she was inspired to make her bracelets by  NanC Meinhardt's Izzy and Lucy bracelets.  These are fun to make in a modified RAW stitch and I am finally feeling comfortable with RAW now. I have never used snaps for a closure on a bracelet before and I sewed the snap down backwards and boy did I stitch it securely - I will never make that mistake again. I want to thank Nancy Dale for the inspiration she is one great bead artist - visit her website here for a look at more of her amazing work.