Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sixteen Moons - Beaded Pendant and Necklace

I finished my beaded pendant and necklace using the mystery cab.  I sure have a lot of mystery cabs and in the future I need to make a notation of what the stone is.  I am looking for pictures like this one - so far nothing and I don't even remember where I bought this from.  I am calling this piece Sixteen Moons.  This title is from a book I recently read Beautiful Creatures.  I think it fits it well - I originally had a different name picked out for it but I like this one better.

I sometimes like to combine spiral rope with my fringe and I also like to combine beads and spiral rope in the necklace.  I especially like to do this if I do not have enough beads to complete the necklace.  I love the coloring in this piece - the matte black, lime green and yellow  - this is not a combination I usually work with but it sure is pretty.  This piece is listed in my Etsy Shop here.


Christine Altmiller said...

What a Gorgeous necklace! So much to appreciate on this. Fringe draws me in every time and I Love the few strands of the twisted rope in the fringe. GorGeous!

AntiquityTravelers said...

LOVE, LOVE this! what a gorgeous piece!