Sunday, April 14, 2013

Power Puff Ring In Progress

So I received my copy of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork a week or so ago.  I had a couple of project to finish so I just took a quick look.  Now I am done with any beading I needed to complete and can really look at and work with my new book.  I love this book - it is beautiful and well written - like nothing I have ever seen and it is so exciting.  I decided to start at the begging and work through it using it as a learning tool.  As tempting as it is to skip ahead and try to make a fortune teller bangle or a helix I am going to start small and work my way on to bigger things. Above is my power puff ring.  I am just finishing up the band and will attach it shortly. I couldn't wait until it was finished to take my photo!! Next I want to try my hand at a power puff or caldera bangle. I see lots of delica beads in my future in lots of luscious colors.  I really love to learn something new and I think the way the information is presented in this book makes it ideal to learn and grow as a beader - I am ready to roll!!

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Christine Altmiller said...

i love this dimensional jewelry but it scares me to even think of attempting it. looking great so far!